"With courage, insight, and empathy, Dr. Pritt has written a book that America very much needs at this moment of confusion about human sexuality. Sharing lessons which he learned with great difficulty while growing up gay and which he has since amplified through his extensive clinical work as a psychologist, Dr. Pritt challenges the premises of the ideology gay activists are now aggressively advancing. As he probes the psychodynamics that generate homosexuality, readers learn why some boys--who were never born gay--become such. 

      "Dr. Pritt also challenges the thinking of those who see only destructive perversion in homosexuals' same-sex attraction. Proper understanding of such attraction, he shows, may actually guide the gay person toward a better life--a life beyond homosexuality. Informed by profound religious faith, the deep personal commitment and exceptional professional sophistication of this analysis make it very compelling, deserving of widespread attention."    



---- Bryce Christensen, author of Utopia Against the Family: The Problems and Politics of the American Family.Contributing editor to “The Family in America.” Editor of several books on the family. 


      “This treatise is a worthy addition to the literature on LGBTQ issues. Its thesis is contrary to much of the modern trend, but it is a refreshing perspective and one that will appeal very much to some people and may be infuriating to others. It is important that this perspective be recognized as a valuable option in a turbulent political and social scene. Its worth is accentuated by the fact that he actually lived the path that he describes. It will and should have an important impact and deserves a wide audience who will benefit from it.”   


 ---- Allen Bergin, recipient of the Distinguished Professional Contribution to Knowledge Award from the American Psychological Association. Author of many professional works. Coauthor of the Handbook of Psychotherapy and Behavior Change.


      “Dr. Pritt writes with the authenticity of personal experience and authority from a long successful practice as a psychotherapist.  He is candid about his own spiritual and sexual journey, without being dogmatic. He approaches his writing with both love and understanding. 

      "This is a bold book, flying in the face of much that we hear in the media about LGBTQ issues. His point of view should be part of the conversation, both within our society and within the hearts of suffering individuals.”

----Eric G. Swedin, PhD, Professor of History, Weber State University, author, When Angels Wept: A What-If History of the Cuban Missile Crisis., winner of the 2010 Sidewise Award.