Our book is definitely pro-gay and its purpose is to assist men who grew up same-gender attracted, particularly those conflicted because of their sexual orientation and desire change. Homosexuality is a controversial issue, critically impacting not only individuals, but also our country and the world. There are those who believe homosexuality is a normal variant of nature and others who believe the inclination is attributable to unfavorable incidents children experience during the early years of their physical and social development.

I do not support any abuse of or discrimination against gay individuals. I believe they deserve the same protections afforded all citizens. Many of the gains made by gay activists have been beneficial and deserved. However, I believe that aspects of the gay agenda are detrimental to same-gender attracted men and that there may a better way forward for them than working to force heterosexuals to view same-gender sexuality as normal. I know many people march to the beat of an unseen drummer. They do what they don’t want to do and do not do that with they wish. I seek to understand the underlying motivation that drives same-gender inclinations. I believe the central factors are quite unrelated to libidinal or sexual drives.

Historically and unfortunately, for centuries homosexuals have been sorely abused by heterosexuals. Punishments up to and including execution have been employed to deter this activity. The behavior and inclination nevertheless persist and the battle between the two groups continues. Pro-gay activists are satisfied with and wish to promote their lifestyle at the same time they seek to avoid acknowledging that large numbers of same-gender attracted men wish to live their lives differently. Those who desire change are labeled as bigots and traitors to the pro-gay cause and silenced where possible.

I established a private group with Facebook, hoping to have a safe place where those men who desire change could share thoughts and support each other as they grappled to make sense of their lives and resolve issues relative to their tendencies and their faith. I specifically stressed that I had no conflict with any wishing to continue living their gay life. But. our efforts were immediately found unacceptable by those administrating the site. After about three innocuous posts, they began to be censored. Therefore, because this resource appears unworkable, we hope all interested in considering this topic will follow us at When at this site, read the blog and send comments and ideas to We will post them unless otherwise directed.

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